To get rid of something as natural and fluid as homosexuality is like telling people, “stop breathing, kill yourself.” If homosexuality is anyone’s problem, it becomes apparent that they have their priorities mixed up.

There are tons of things we could be talking about and attacking with a vengeance. That thing is not homosexuality. Homosexuality doesn’t kill people with guns who aren’t armed, it doesn’t starve people, it doesn’t move people off their land to build more expensive housing that they can’t live in. When I look at the big problems that terrorize many, daily, I don’t see homosexuality at the forefront. Usually, the ones with the most to hide are the ones that are the most seemingly offended by what other adults are doing in their personal lives.

We could fix the race war that is going on. We could stop depending on oil when other ways of living the life we live, have been exposed to work just as efficiently. We could grow our own foods, eat less meat, we could open foreclosed homes and give to the homeless, we could raise the living wages, we could really do a better job in the public education arena, and quite possibly, eliminate our politicians, take down our governments, and eliminate hate on all levels starting at the very top where it was created. But what we don’t have to do is get rid of homosexuality. Does that solve any problems?

Kids need morals, discipline, support, two parent homes, safe sex education, parents need help with their kids, financial education, child-rearing classes, we all need to see  and care for senior citizens, there is rampant disease to consider and deal with very soon. Also, there is this looming but growing obesity problem that everyone is talking around, big companies spending billions of dollars to make money on an already impoverished people, yet people have a problem with homosexuality?

There are Black Girls and Black Women disappearing right under our noses, Native Americans getting killed, Brown People get harassed as much as Black People, this is all worldwide and we care about what Homosexual People are doing in their spare time or what they’re calling themselves? There are a lot of things that can be done and that should be done but focusing on natural acts by tax-paying, hard-working, law-abiding adults is really small-minded and petty thinking. Homosexuality has never made anyone a disgrace to their society as a whole. Will ridding a place of a specific people make that place better in the long run? Isn’t that genocide? Haven’t we seen the effects of what this kind of hate can do to a people? Where is this going? More importantly, if we’re focusing on controlling a people for who they are and how they look, we must ask ourselves, what is being hidden from us that a big show must be made of something that has nothing to do with why people are public servants in office to serve the people? Why must we be distracted and what are being distracted from seeing and knowing?

There is an attack on everyone to stop everything that doesn’t look controllable. I suspect some day very soon, some big company connected with some big government, will proclaim from a private room full of suits and ties, in the middle of the night, “No public breathing allowed! Public breathing is punishable by fine and/or death.” By then, we won’t be able to buy breaths because while we were being distracted, laws and bills were being passed to take away all the rights we thought we had left. We won’t know that we’re dying. We will be fighting for them against each other. #AllBreathsMatter