These are the lyrics taken from Lauryn Hill’s, “Ex-Factor” song from her album titled, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”:

It could all be so simple/ But you’d rather make it hard/ Loving you is a battle/ And we both end up with scars/ Tell me, who I have to be/To get some reciprocity/ No one loves you more than me/ No one ever will

Is this just a silly game/ That forces you to act this way/ Forces you to scream my name/ Then pretend that you can’t stay/ Tell me, who I have to be/ To get some reciprocity/No one loves you more than me/ And no one ever will

I keep letting you back in/ How can I explain myself/ As painful as this thing has been/ I just can’t be with no one else/ See, I know what I got to do/ You let go/ And I’ll let go too/ Cause no one’s hurt me more than you / And no one ever will

No matter how I think we grow/ You always seem to let me know/ It ain’t working/ It ain’t working/ And when I try to walk away/You’d hurt yourself to make me stay/ This is crazy/ This is crazy

This song is most likely, a love song telling the story of one of the persons in the relationship that feels some heaviness. It sounds as if one feels like they are giving more than the other at times, wanting to leave because it hurts and in the end deciding to stay despite their own self-preservation requirements and needs. It’s very interesting how this one song perfectly describes the race relationships in this country and on a global level.

I love love. I love freedom. I love people. I love being free to love people and myself. The insanity and the depression that comes from being in an unhealthy and insensitive relationship has most encouraging others to, ” Get Out!”, “Get Free!” Yet, when it comes to race (ethnic) relationships we tell an entire culture with a history of not being supported, not having a voice, a culture that is still hurting to, “Get Over It! Move On! Go back where you came from!” Really?!

The fact that race relations exist is insane in itself. Race relations was created just like hate is practiced and it ends in dollar signs. It is impossible to hate another if one loves themselves. We are created to be our own people, to live freely, to love ourselves and love each other, we are created to be a community, a community of people.

It takes absolutely no effort to smile and love people that pass you by in life or to wish them well on their individual journey through life. It takes more effort to be mean, evil, to be rude, to hate and bestow that onto a specific people. Tending to one’s own business would be better than the manifestation of self-hatred that is being marketed in the media 24 hours a day. Race is asinine. There is just one race. To continue to spread the insanity of otherwise, is irrational. Why aren’t we questioning the ones that keeps talking, “Race…?” What see what isn’t working. Why is the thing that’s broken still being used? This is crazy.

“It could all be so simple but you’d rather make it hard.”