They are their own people and not my agenda for them.

Time is truly an adult constraint.

Snacks can be used for good and for evil.

Wine is a gift from the Universe.

Confidence is learned.

They are only as brave as the adult they’re imitating.

Words are more powerful than any spanking. Use them wisely.

Nursery rhymes were invented by a very twisted individual, without kids.

Greatness first comes from being told, “How great you are?”

They learn by doing, not by being told what to do.

If there is no village, create one.

Smile more. Smile often.

The happier I am, the happier they are.

Whatever problem they have, I am partly responsible for it.

Love is action that expresses itself 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Time outs are not just for kids.

“Me Time”, is needed, required, and recommended.

Be in the now.

Affirmation creates individual security and belief in one’s self.

Hobbies outside of child-related activities are mandatory.

Doing more for them doesn’t actually create a kid that will do more for me.

Don’t applaud what the rest of us just do.

The word “No”, is not a bad word.

It’s OK to be the “bad cop”, every now and again.

Never be without fresh coffee.

Spiked coffee, hard cider, &/or hard lemonade comes in handy around bath time.

Sitters are tragically underpaid.

Don’t overcompensate for the (physically/emotionally/financially) AWOL parent.

Listen to the randomness.

Go to the games where even the losers get a trophy then go out to diner.

Vegetables can come pureed as a sauce also.

Exercise. Is. Good.

We truly are what we eat.

Meditation/Yoga/Quiet times can be taught by age 2.

Connect with nature in as many ways is possible.

Don’t kill the bugs in front of them.

Sneaking snacks in dark places becomes a thing.

At 831 pm, I feel the most alive.

Be fearless and free, it helps them.

Volunteer/Serve and put them to work.

Chores according to age; Everyone works in a household.

Music can be the equivalent of a band-aid.

Take nothing personal.

Nightmares and sleepless nights don’t last forever.

It’s OK to run-away sometimes.

Date nights without kid-talk has to be taught.

The older they get, the more gray hairs pop up.

Grocery shopping trips are multiplied and squared during growth spurts.

Sleeping children are the best behaved, most loved, and most respected.

Complain less.

Love your life partner in word and deed in front of them.

TV is also a teacher.

Monitor/supervise technology usage.

Check homework.

Be a parent not a friend.

Go on sporadic searches in their room just to “make sure”.

Kids have very sensitive hearing.

Boundaries. Are. Good.

I sleep better when they sleep in their own beds.

Ask for help.

Vent/Emote, To other parents, not in front of the kids.

Support groups that meet at bars are nothing to be ashamed of.

Not hearing a word they just said, happens all the time and is OK.

Being called old becomes less offensive.

Wearing multicolored & outdated clothes to school for questionable behavior, is also a thing.

Play Jazz/Blues quite often. It makes more sense.

Apologize to all my caregivers.

Stay in a constant state of admiration of your children. I am thoroughly impressed by the brilliance and innocence of the little ones in my home. I smile at their radiance and greatness, often. Because of them I seek my own freedom and happiness.