Churches are burned across the south in America. No one is saying “TERRORISM”, no one is saying that this has happened before and relating it to what is happening now.

Are we so evil a people that we need to be shot in places of worship?

Are we so cruel that we need to be targeted, hunted, and shot in cold blood by peoples who are offended by our dark skin and curly hair?

Are we so big that that we can take over the world, that white boys come and kill six Black Women because “they rape white women?”

If Black People were dogs, there would be a revolution over our poor defenseless bodies being murdered with pictures on social media to raise money to save our innocent lives. “Black People deserve to live too!”

We should all be concerned that Black Churches are being set on fire, shot up, and taken apart.

They give us their white jesus, is this them taking him away?

Has “our” religion become more about unity and power making it bigger than white jesus?

Are Black Churches going up in flames to stamp out the spirit of Black People? Kill the Souls of Black Folks? Take the Power away from the People?

We all need to be aware and concerned that not only were the people of Afrikan descent original Gods and original religions stolen and buried deep in the Atlantic Ocean, white gods and white jesus came to Africa to rape the lands and make an extraordinary people slaves to thieves, murderers, and bandits, and the offspring of those beings continue to perpetuate an image of division in the Black community that looks like savagery, lack of spirituality, crime, poverty, soul-less and lost to create the need for saviors and policing.

WE need no heroes that don’t have our self preservation in mind, in heart, and at the forefront of their “movement”.

No white teachers are needed to teach our Black children they are less than based on no history of their own.

No white officers are needed to police us and kill us because their whiteness is threatened by us standing still, standing upright, standing in groups, and/or making complete sentences.

No music by white entertainers that make a living off the Black culture and call it “mainstream”, “urban”, “pop culture”, and/or “soulful.”

No white media in our neighborhoods to film peaceful protests, not air it, but pay for footage of rioters, looters, and more negative images of Black skin.

All bought and sold Black “Leaders” cannot and will not show up and fight for peace “for them” but not continued justice “for us.”

Regardless of religion, of income, culture, gender, city, state,… our churches burn and it is TERRORISM.

It was TERRORISM when Addie Mae, Denise, Carole, and Cynthia were murdered in 1963 and it is TERRORISM in 2015 and ALL the times in between.

ALL People of Color should be equally concerned, ALL allies should find their heart or stay quiet, ALL should be activist and ready to protect the one thing no one else can touch and steal from anyone else: a human’s soul.

WE are not a soul less people.

WE are not the monsters.

WE are not the heartless.

WE are not the ones that terrorize neighborhoods, burn down places of worship, enslave other people, think of any people as three-fifths of a human being, and still think the bible and religion supports racism and discrimination.

WE do not know our places and we do not believe we have a place we need to stay in.

Souls don’t die

Spirits don’t end

Religions don’t only exist inside of buildings

Take away all the churches and WE are still here.