And when we opened our eyes, we were all women. Whether we are born a woman or not, we awoke with the heart, soul, mind, and body of a woman. We want to build up what we tear apart, care for every child and not just chastise them, plant flowers, herbs, plants, fruit, and beans as far as the eye can see. We will sit in streams of rivers and dress or not dress for we accept our bodies and everyone else’s bodies. We cover television sets with art work, take out the idiot and make it a toy box. We go to work not because our job seeks to stomp out our maternal insides but to create our own hours, create our own works, decide if we want to go to work or even if we want to take our children with us. We pursue our passions. We exercise our rights to have children or not. We enjoy our bodies for our own sake. We nurture ourselves and free ourselves of shame. We don’t vote because we are the mothers of the Earth, we know what it needs to thrive and it is not war. It has never been war. We won’t assault another woman’s body. We won’t take her right to bear children away or her right to not bear children away. We are sisters. We are women. We are all someone’s daughter and maybe even someone’s mother. We all come from a woman. We are all women.