“the fourth night.”

no one knew it would be just three nights.

it was just three nights. three nights and four days. no one knew it would be just three nights. there were no announcements, no warnings, no alarms. everything stopped and no one was told in advance that it would.

the earth kept spinning on it’s axis. gravity didn’t disappear. the system did. the power failed us. perhaps, we failed it, for three nights. the power went down.

with hurricanes, tsunami’s, tornadoes, earthquakes, there is an alarm. it may not give much time in advance but it’s something. something is always better than nothing. if there is a nuclear attack, the alarms will sound. if a storm was coming, the news anchor would warn to stock up on water, non-perishables and batteries. aisle seven would be empty of all it’s liquid satisfaction. we could pretend this isn’t as bad as it really is. we have chips, twizzlers, and vanilla pepsi, we can pretend this is a very long party.

we never got notice to go to the store. we got no notice at all. aisle seven remains filled with it’s liquid goodness. there is an overstock twizzlers in the back.

no one knew it would be just three nights.

the first night, humanity was strong. although, there was no reason to be.loved ones couldn’t call their loved ones. people couldn’t get home from work that stopped because the power failed the people. people couldn’t get home without lights. without lights to bring false safety and security.

it was a darkness most had never seen before. the darkness frightened some into tears. others took to their knees. some took their own blood. and others let their devil loose. only the moon remained as light. and that wasn’t enough, for people trusted the powers more than they trusted the moon.

the odds were against humanity surviving. not when massive amounts of humanity have forgotten the ways of their ancient ancestors. they don’t live off the land. they steal from the land, to live off the power. their ancestors saw the power in the land.

no one knew it would be just three nights.

three nights of complete darkness across the globe in places where they never knew darkness. where light is a sign of wealth. development. growth. assimilation.

people tried to go out during the day. trying to live because there is still life if one is still breathing. the evil that birthed the darkness did not rest during the day. they swept through the people like a plague of weak against the strong. and the weak were consumed. or maybe the strong were consumed. the evil swept through the land full, big, vicious, with no regard for life.

this was the revolution that wouldn’t be televised. a revolution of he powerless attempting to regain it’s power. the bad who were misunderstood. the wronged. the justified. the hurt. the angered. the embittered. the abused. the oppressed. this was a revolution of the people and everyone has their own reasons for revolting.

no one knew it would be just three nights.

the hungry, destitute, the have not’s, gathered their tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free in pursuit of the lamp at the golden door.

they thrashed, pillaged, set fire, raped, and killed any opposition before them, yearning to be men again. they traveled in packs of thousands, the colors of the earth, to reclaim what was rightfully theirs all along.

traveling through dusk, without their women and children, clouded in fogs from the seas, lakes, and ponds, with fire atop sticks to guide their ways with hearts that sought, “to end the rulers!”

no one knew it would be just three nights.

women locked their doors, hid in closets, humming soft lullabies, to their babies, they hoped the heavens would hear. children peeked from behind windows at the fire floating by in proper reverence and honor.

three nights of darkness. they did not stop throughout the day to sleep, filled with each other’s will and desires of redemption. they free every locked market gate and call for the people to, “eat like kings and queens!” they torch homes sitting on fields the size of football stadiums and olympic fields. they bring down banks. run up flights of stairs to tear from the top downcorporate building giants. they trample the fields of home grown gmo beside fields of imprisoned chickens, cattle, pigs, cutting wires, and lifting metal doors.

word spreads far and wide of triumph for the people. wildlife is returned to the people and not the businesses. life is reclaimed. therefore, humanity is reclaimed.

man smiles with pride that they are the source of their own redemption. that they have fight and they could win. that there is power in hard work, dirty hands, and heart. they breathe as men, clasp shoulders and backs, shake hands honored to stand before brethren that the power made them hate. they celebrate their manhood over fires where they roast lamb not remembering the last time they had lamb. speaking of how they will be loved and respected by their women and children. speaking of how they will remember this day where ethnicity, culture, and religion did not matter and power did. they all had none. they restored their own power.

that power could leave humans without comforts and privileges they’ve earned. that they were forced into earning.

no one knew it would be just three nights.

the fourth night came and the people were ready. they have restored peace.the men have reclaimed their manhood ready to present themselves redeemed to their women and their children. they were ready to begin again.

the fourth night came and the power was restored. instantly. as if it never disappeared. they all stood in shock and subtle fear.

“the elites are dead!”
“the banks have been destroyed!”
“the corporations are burning!”
“what is this? who is this? what is left?”

the fourth night the program restored power. it is set to obey the system that no longer exists. it is programmed to reboot itself. it only knows control and destruction. it only knows power.

no one knew it would be just three nights.

the alarms sounds all over the world. the world that is still smoldering underneath embers and choking in smoke. the alarm sounds. alarms that didn’t sound before the power disappeared. the alarms sound. there has been a breach against the system. the tired, poor, huddled, masses of people are the threat. the alarm sounds. the sounds that only the ones alive during the cold war knows, sounds again. this is the warning they didn’t receive before. this is the warning they are not expecting.

proud men, men that destroyed to reclaim their manhood in a society that stole it in their youth. to have a freedom they’ve never known. proud men, fall to their knees thinking of the women and children they were too proud to kiss goodbye.

women lock their doors, hide in closets, humming soft lullabies, to their babies, they hoped the heavens will hear. children peek from behind windows, at missiles with tails of fire, shooting like comets in the sky, in proper reverence and honor.