southern souls.

(creative commons. yoram elem.)

the soil of the south
darkness of slave nightmares
come after the love
yellow and red moons
breeding beasts

till the land
till we spiritless
till we stop breathing
fertilizing with hate
breeding camps
giving birth

dim suns
withered souls
listless hearts
coal eyes

the soil of the south
governed by harvest moons
dressed in sunday’s best
cotton flowers far as the eye can see
red soil beneath bronze feet
down tobacco road
no paved roads
mississippi river
atlantic ocean
where our gods got left behind

wait for eclipses
feeling god
twins in the sky
to hear, “when the morning comes…by and by”
new god can be kind

the soil of the south
the soil used to plant for today
kiss our yesterdays
touch lavender
pass willow trees
smoke sage
this blemished soil
this warted soil
this violent soil
such a thirsty soil

endless dry heat
soaking up the strength in tears
soaking up the power in blood
swallowing up the hope in dreams
sucks the marrow from bone
then take out homes

the soil of the south
sleeping soil of the south
no forgiveness
flags that remember hands tied
chained feet
broken backs
motherless babies
fatherless children

black blood dripping from leaves
traveling below cargo ships
drowning beneath shark infested waters
those listless minds
no longer themselves

a home they no longer see
beneath southern trees
babies they can’t feed
smoking suns
wilderness blanketed in gun powder
starving mountains

countryside with boundaries
rivers not to cross
dogs digest human dark meat

the soil of the south
ego of racism
brutality of discrimination

religion of white supremacy
swamps of separation
states of sacrificial wealth
towns of unearned relief
enclaves of illusion

where luminous blackness
morphs to resilience

culture of solitude
darkness and silence across the land
ruins and chaos
lands that hurt
lands that used to heal
takes blood sacrifices

insurmountable costs
continental sacred blood
create generational wealth

the soil of the south
drank the blood
of it’s black children

sucked the tears of it’s native babies
inhaled the hearts of it’s mexican niños
no mercy

unrelenting glee
voids left behind
chasing smoke breaks
after work parties
family dinners
in the middle of the week
sweet memories
escaped southern dreams
before abandonment
a dangerous romance
no apology
domestic violence

no spousal support
myth of american tragedy

the soil of the south
the soul of the south
so red
so soft

revolutionary indignation
protest covered in pleas

wild ways
seeds blown
take root
remembers the blood
from the middle passage
through the alamo
to the trail of tears

for it’s treachery
chants drifting on the winds
choke us out of complacency
demanding re connection
to our lands

without fear
that it does not loves us