ah woman’s day begins in de kitchen an’ ends in de bedroom.”dis ain’t her choosin, of course. she is pulled right on out de sky an plopped right here on into dresses, private parts an silence. seems with this big ole gif’ tah take life in an push life out, she git more’n her fair share of good timing.

but no. gawd give her all dis goodness an see fit tah pit a man in charge of wat she kin do wit her ohn body.

see child, youse a special kind of gift. de way i grows up ain’t g’wan be de ways you grows up. de woman gawds done wen on head an’ seen fit tah stand up an’ take their private parts with’em wherever dey wana go. and dey goes wit’out axin’ an gettin’ pa’mission. wen dey do that, well, ain’t long fore dey give you de power tah do de same.

you kin go out an come back wit’out groceries. you kin go wit’out making dinner. you kin wear dresses come ‘fore your knees. you kin even go out no stocking. and chile, you kin’ let yo hair blow in de’ winds.

youse a special kind of gift. the woman gawds done gone on head an wake dem’selves on up. dey say youse free tah be jus ‘fore ‘yo’self. an’ you be fore you, you here? dere waz many of us dat ain’t never belong tah nothin but a man. a man dat belong tah every woman he wan’tah pit hisself in. a man dat was given sumpthin’ he ain’t neva deserve.

make sure wen yo’ time comes,chile, because yo body will tell you exactly what it want an sometimes you jus gotta listen. when you choosin’, choose cuz he already belongin tah you an not cuz you belongin tah him. you belong tah you.

member that. those woman gawds done gone an’ give us ah’self back. goodness an all. it’s late fore me but not you. you take all dat goodness dey give you, all dat goodness you come wit, an you jus be a free an’ good woman. dat make me mighty proud.

go on an sleep, chile. we early risers roun’ here. you gwan need some time tah yo’self tah think life through or jus tah hum yo beginnin’s.yo’ day won begin in de kitchen like mines did.