sip in leisure. immerse yourself in cool mahogany dew. blackened baptism. redemption sighs. re-birthing screams. fig and cherry trees border gethsemane. fuck, we the people! we, the sanctuary. 

clean slates. forgiveness. rising heartbeats. no blame. no regrets. we are no one’s broken dreams. sacred gardens. worth redeeming. black abyss. headwraps get lost in the coming of ourselves / into ourselves. wading. healing waters. vibrating souls. the black experience has never been savage. we are never-ending. the ancestors thrice removed. this hue, pyramid strong. diving deep. lush energy. mercy! mercy, me! robust tides. the atlantic is released. submerged without drowning. thrust underneath without breathing. transcend these bodies. cosmic reach. orgasmic oblivions.

mangoes in the breeze. we are but a mist. drifts on waves. plantation lullabies linger in our skin. reminiscing of milky way’s and orion’s belt.

whispers dipped in molasses from your lips. leisure sips of kisses in between. anointing. softened like buttered biscuits covered in gravy. satiated. seasoned relief. kneaded release. prayers baked and risen. selah! deliverance in screams. peace layered in moans. enchanted by love scents. wanting the wanting. wanting. wanting.

absolution. black sacraments. saved. 

black breaths. restored. 

*image: creative commons*