i am holding on to promises bigger than myself.

i have lost breaths. i have missed sleep. i make meals that i don’t eat.

wrap me up in you. i am not afraid of the nights. i welcome darkness.

sit in exile with me. go off the grid. cancel our subscriptions. stop paying for the phone. bury the tv. drop our loads. plant gardens. mend a bush of roses. forage from forgotten lands. dry dandelion leaves from wet roots. roast our coffee over open open flames. make love to the winds. drink from streams. kiss butterflies. follow turtles to the entrance of the sea. sleep in the lotus position. watch the sky. until it rains flowers from heaven. grow herbs. plant collards, kale, cabbage right in our backyard. cover the house in mint. save the animals, not breed them. tell them bedtime stories of when they were free to roam. unlock the doors. sing each morning.

i want to be a song. there’s more to living, than building tomorrow today.

i’m not made to toil away. waiting on a paycheck to have the american dream.
my love, i am the american dream. 

abandon society. sell our media. bury our american shames. return the to the way of our indigenous people. let’s throw it all away.

become timeless. do only what we choose. hold only what we love. suspend time. expand gravity. throw it all away.walk away from it all. to heal. to truly live. wrap yourself in me. love the lands. wholly. love you. incessantly. 

and when you’ve loved the earth and everything in it. ’til your capacity feels filled to brimming. remember, i am a part of it. choose. choose to love me. in peace. with beautiful tastings. delicious touches. joyful sighs. contented tears. calm moans. for my words are my heart. do not take me lightly.

if, i want you. do not undo me. i’m unwilling to be undone. choose to love me. in peace. let’s throw it all away.

walk away with me. or walk away from me. choose.

i am holding on to promises bigger than myself. 

*image captured by walkerj. 2015. southern lands*