the mornings the coffee was brewing before we were
the sundays the kids slept in
when we thought we had forever
to fix the parts we intentionally smashed
because we picked up the pieces before

the nights when we wanted to touch more than sleep
whispers turned kisses
kisses became caresses
caresses turned shape shifting
flowers in full bloom
sacred freeing
silently being

the days when a kiss was just a kiss
not greeting
no obligation
but stirring underneath skin
needing closed doors
and so much more time

the nights the fireplace kept our secrets
held our tears
pretended not to see our pain
solitary laughter
limp bones
caved chests
the people we couldn’t pretend to be

the times we thought we had forever
bundled dreams
packaged hopes
lists of things to share
in unending strings of moments
we forgot to bleed

the times we forgot to have heart
dusting cold soil in layers
over what was
what could have been
single kisses to the wind
we used to catch them
now gray sparks
we couldn’t mend
we didn’t try
all truths laid bare
a box of plans
the sun will never see

we are vibrant moons
we will shine

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