we are flowers / eyes crusted over / half asleep / breaths from last night’s wine and free cheese / loud snores / warm bodies / we take our first morning breaths / communion / we’ve consume each other / we’ve swallow the moments that we forgot

we are a new beginning / we are covered in sun / yesterdays tears don’t exist / we carefully release the nails from our crosses / warm wash cloths wipes the blood of war away / dawn  brings a moment of peace

we are forging forgiveness / words covered in grenades / words encapsulated in bullets / words oozing along sharp, double-edged swords / we’ve forged forgiveness /  that may or may not last through to twilight

we are smiles / cinnamon and dark chocolate / sun soaking / we skip lust / dangerous thoughts touch the corner of our lips / our hands want to do more than hands should do 

we are steadfast / we are hard-pressed / yet / we are not overcome / newly born / new creations / baptism of desire still wets our skin / fervor moving in our fingertips / we want to remain pure /  true /  to us / this / all of our today’s

we are a moment / of magnificent moments /  anticipating /  first kiss / first touch / until bodies fade into the background / surround sound of soul sighs

we are the show / we’ve been waiting to see / see without looking away /  breaths without shame / of last night / still new / raw /  fresh / red and purple bruises mark our skin

we are perfection / smiling /  nothing to prove / light in our skin / eager for redeeming /  clean slates / freedom still on the tips of our tongue / greatness sliding down our throats / release lingering upon our lips

we are liberation / steadfast through the darkness / safe in our skin / whispers only spirit can hear / despite backsliding down hills / through tunnels / in treacherous waters / we are each other’s thorn / only flesh and bone / in everlasting arms / in the storm / standing under it / enjoying the joy / before the morning comes

we are made in the image of our maker / we are not forsaken / we forgive /we are forgiven / flesh upon flesh / we breathe in the air /  we praise the earth / we smile at the waters 

we are more than the skin we’re in / we are more than a collection of moments / we are more than the hurt that we caused / we are more than the breaths we stole in orgasms / we are bigger than time / not limited to human words / gestures / last night’s redemption

we let our spirits speak in languages we can’t understand / grasp / fathom / or recall except in silly blushes of morning smiles / we are not of this earth /  we are ancestors / descendants / ourselves /  a holy trinity

for a moment / we are more than the skin we’re in / we are complete peace

*image courtesy of creative commons. artist :dimitri depaepe*