moon stains your eyes
my thighs
within your grasp
for the night

my lips taste your skin
high off sighs
streams of half moon slivers
play on the copper of your skin

you turn over
half awake
baptize me with your breaths
touching the pad of of my fingertips
to infinity drawn into your flesh

whispers stir you awake
kisses on your neck
soft suffering
in your dreams

slide you beneath me
stretch out inside you
your moan greets my ear
i swallow those whole

a soft smile on your face
skin on skin
gasps incomplete
wrapping souls
folding spirits

you spread yourself wide
beneath me
more than body parts
bigger than release

you turn me over
open me up
with ease
one heartbeat
we breathe

you whisper in my hair
my face between your hands
constellations rain supreme
i let you inside me
we’re timeless energy

*image courtesy of creative commons. artist: tania valentoque*