i’ll be near. when night falls. sleep is out of reach. i inhale. you exhale. with want. we reach. without looking. we don’t speak. we are a knowing familiar. warm nights. when there is not enough cool. we shed sheets. peel back layers. of the day. we wrap ourselves into each other. burrowing deeply. underneath souls. where our spirits dance. a luminous spirit dance. we are not gentle. we may not have tomorrow. in these skins. we become dark. together. we are teeth. groans. nails. scratches. broken skin. grunts. growls. we push the pain. that we cause. we can take it. a little more won’t hurt. do i smell like safety? do i taste like protection? can you see how brave we are? with our clothes off? this is when we are perfect. we are free. we are one. with each other. with everything in nature. we are primal. we have shifted our shape. we are animal. spirit remembers spirit. we are who we were made to be. free to love. lustfully. this is when you love yourself the most. the pleasure. the satisfaction. the peak. the reach. the explosion. the beat. between your legs. outpaces the beat in your chest. are you tired? not yet. good. i want more than this. sprint through the wilderness. jump from the cliffs. with me. just you. the you that has become perfect inside me. in a sweltering blaze. we thirst. for us. we open ourselves. to gulp. from fountains. you are the universe. i’m another dimension. we are indigo. we stop time. gravity shakes us. we cry blues. scat jazz. speak in tongues. praising our gods. worshiping our peace. submission. beginning. end. wholeness. connection. the art. we are. in the moment. i fall hard. i run deep like rivers. that meet streams. that stretch. to the seas. we reach. again. and again. until our eyes are a bloodshot red. in the darkness. and the moon is past. the middle of the sky. and we are the wet spots. that we can’t move from. sleep takes us. before we take each other. again.

and when tomorrow comes. and i am fatigued. sleep walking. feeling. the ache. in between. the pink scars left to heal. on my shoulders. my wrists. the taut muscles in my legs. my arms. my back. my neck. are so sore. i wince. randomly. as i bend. walk. breathe. stretched to breaking points. that no one sees. and i hold onto blissful tears. pooling in my eyes. i’ll be swallowing every bruise. silently. with no regret. in longing. trying to be near. when the night falls. ready. open. waiting. to reach. you.