(ernie barnes. sugar shack.)

let’s be these ballads
these spoken word joints with a plea
these slow slides
these blues swaying
from your lips
through my toes
in the curve Of your neck
in the gyrating Of my hips
in the dip Of your back
in the bend Of my knees,
“DaHlin’, YOUUUU senD me…”

let’s be this song
let it play
until it changes tune
let’s put it on repeat!
we are instant replays
of times before

jazz UP our frequencies
lunar notes on lake fronts
tap dancin’ on down to ocean floors
rhythm and blues
steppin’ and juke jammin’
twistin’ and shakin’
moonwalkin’ and jerkin’,
“don’t disturb this groooove…”


lay with me,
WE are music
our bodies are songs
that only we know