*lauryn hill, “guarding the gates” *

let my scream out / in the bare of these walls / in the gray of these walls / in the dead of these halls / smother it in skin / hide it in sins / cover it in make believe hell / make it live in fear of consequence / head bowed / questioning the systems’s belief / i want out / my scream, has no sound

mind tight with pressure / screams i refuse to release / screams turned groans / groans turned pleas… / why is my god so far from me?! / puddles pooling with defeats / sinking into silence … / i can only yell in my dreams / my screams, has no sound! / i want out / my screams, has no sound /my screams, becomes whimpers / my voice, becomes a hum / i want out / my voice … / i want out

i come apart / i come apart / i come apart

why is my god so far from from me?! i am coming apart

could be,

revolution is synonymous with destruction