swimming against the tides
racing when the race is over
breathing in volcanic ash
the lava touches our skin
singed edges, there’s a war-
a shadow of diamonds
heaped from pyramids
long gone… there’s war out-
meteorites, former stars.

murdering our breaths, there’s a war-
stealing our lives
covering the trails that go backwards in time
world stomps with combat boots
steel toe crushing our narrative roots
when will we arrive?
all this color, falling by the waist side
all this color, being blindsided
this lie of assimilation,
draining the last of our pride.

there’s a war outside these door
they’re forcing the hand of the end times
selling souls for too far away galaxies
preparing for another earth
rehearsing for a master escape
creating viruses that will swarm bigger than plagues
praying to alien life to come and save
shaping mirrors to see into further dimensions
spending billions on a bet to see if it works in outer space
and what do you think will happen when they find what they think they want to know?
we will be left behind
our blood already sacrificed on the right and left
humans that believed their place in nature supreme
humans that believed their place in humanity supreme
we’ll all die by the hands that use us for game.
but, gods need to know how far one will go
you can’t give if you can’t take
there must be sacrifices made.

lay with me.
heart beats calm the ache
this anxiety of wondering,
how long is left until we’re forced into dying breaths?

there’s a war outside these doors
i’m not ready to be hashtags and underscores.

there’s a war outside these doors
let’s stay inside.
until, we are no longer the fine line