i want to go where everybody knows my name / grandma on the crate, swatting flies / eyes on the little ones / “wolves roam in the weeds…” / greetings and head nods / hand shakes and slapping fives / back to back and shoulder clasps / grins while roasting / laughter while toasting / grandpa the preacher, / in the storefront shop / gonna church from the ground up / all the kids gotta go / card games on saturday night / early rising on sunday
“get in here and praise the son!” / barbeque plus stepping, sliding and footwork / music covers the pain / we dance the hate away / community becomes relief / i want to go where everybody knows my name /instead, standing on blood stained sidewalk / police tape / authorative block party
WE, the feast! / lights and smoke / cameras and snapshots / stories and visits from those / ain’t been here since last summer / times done changed / running low on tears / walking without ID / i could be the next meal / to celebrate

  • *artist : rendawriter.com*