sunflowers in a pot

​birthing nations she didnt want to conceive/ birthing nations to be called a ‘welfare queen’/ birthing nations only to lose him, in between/ when the baby screams/ she choose / not him in his fragility/ still seeking mama’s teat/ when she has his son’s mouth to feed/ his daughter, wide-eyed wanting, at her feet

birthing nations to becomes bitches and whores to her sons/ birthing nations that will reject her at her core/ birthing nations that think they’re deserving of more/ leave caked up mud on her welcome mat/ holes from fists and kicks through her front door
birthing nations she still feels the need to restore/ to the power she birth them in/

birthing a nation without permission, has got her sore/ all this birth, she’s done birthing for the sake of creation / done with the saving/ next time, she’s thinking, “maybe, it’d be better to abort.”

*image is my own*